View Full Version : A Painting Workshop in Nepal

30-01-2008, 11:12
I am organising a 5-10 day painting workshop in Nepal for any budding or fully fledged artists out there who want an experience to remember. You will be provided with beautiful accomodation and food, a communal studio and, should you wish, professional art tutors. There is so much to see in Nepal - the people, bustling markets, beautiful Hindu and Buddhist shrines, luminous green terraced countryside, the powerful mountains, ancient wood carved architecture - excursions will be arranged everyday and you will be given the opportunity to sketch, photograph and paint outdoors. Back at the studio you can develop your ideas or take them into the abstract - there will be a whole range of techniques used as everybody has a different idea and you'll find yourself doing things you never dreamt of. You will also have a chance to enjoy demonstrations from local traditional artists - the stylistic religious paintings, hand painted saris, intricate wood and stone carving.

There are only 10 places available - so if you are interested please contact me soon. The proposed dates are 25th April to 4th May (these may change slightly according to people's availability).

If you'd like to know more PM me - I'll be happy to answer any questions or send you some photos.

This is an experience you'll never forget - Nepal is a magical place, the roof of the world and the view is amazing!