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29-01-2008, 11:49
Wednesday night?


Ok, last week everything was going well up until 9pm when the music started but what the hell the specials were over anyway, but I did hear that the bar hop across the hallway worked out well.

by the way, how were the chili dogs?

I have been waiting for suggestions, but to date I haven't received one response. We all want someplace easy to get to with a deal on drinks, but that is not as easy as it sounds so I suggest the following:

This week, because they will give us the 2 for 1 special, we meet once again at the Shamrock. I would really like those of you who can't stand the place to show up and give me your suggestions on other places to consider.

These events provide us a chance to save a little money and at the same time meet some new faces, plus hook up with each other.
Unlike the old "Meeting Point", this is not a profit generating business for the organizer. Basically it is a thankless job with more complaints then thank you(s) but for those of you that have a good time it makes the effort worth it.

This week's specials will be:

Hope to see you there!
The Specials will be as follows:
From 7-9pm:

2 for 1's
Corona and Heineken bottles
Bacardi and Coke
Jack and coke

10% off Heineken Draft

Please pass this along to your friends and if you have an idea for an event or maybe a new location for future events let me know.
Hope to see you there!
Address: 13 Novy Arbat
Telephone: 291-7681
Runaway Don

10-02-2008, 00:48
Hey there,
Sounds fun, is there any chance of it taking place at a weekend, as I work looooong hours during the week. I wouldnt get home til about 7pm on a wed and then need to get up at 530am!!!
scots_lassie xx