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Anton S.
07-08-2003, 15:45
The Pomosch Detyam charity is helping children of big and poor families, "social" orphans, refugee children, etc. by providing them with food, clothes, school things and other items. If you could donate something of the above, we would be very grateful.

We need child clothes and footwear of all sizes, but one special "client" is 11-year old Marianna. She is a thin girl, quite tall for her age, her shoe size is 35 (Russian system). The girl has no father, her mother is a jobless alcoholic and the girl is now living at the expense of our organisation. She needs qualified dental assistance - when she was small she had her jaw broken and now her teeth are growing the wrong way. If some medical centre could treat her free of charge, that would be simply great. Help us to help her!

You can get more detailed information at antonsm2002@hotmail.com (in English, Russian or French) or (only in Russian) at the folowing phone number: 203-13-06 (from noon to 7 p.m., on weekdays).

Thanks in advance to everyone,

Anton Smolyakov

P.S. Our organisation is also in an urgent need of fax machine.