View Full Version : Happy New Year from Olga Ten :)

Olga Ten
26-01-2008, 15:11
Hello dear !

It's so long time that I was not here.

Hope that all you are OK.

As I'm really seldom here, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2008 to you and your families! :celebrate:

It's very nice to open the forum and see the known nicks :)

As for me: I'm OK, work in Moscow, stay at relocation as usually :))

See you soon and take care,

With best wishes,

Olga Ten

26-01-2008, 23:08
Welcome back around Olga!

27-01-2008, 22:51
Hi Olga,
I havent been here for so long Ive forgotten what my name is, so Im glad that you remembered us all. If I could remember why I'D probably know what I was going to say next, but I cant........................................

28-01-2008, 14:21
Glad to see you back:hooray::iloveyou:

28-01-2008, 17:53
Hi Olga Ten,
Welcome back to the family. I like your Avatar. Thank you for the wishes. Remember the forum is your chance to make friends. Have fun. You sound nice and peaceful:rasta: