View Full Version : Medical test for children with temp residency

24-01-2008, 17:42
Okay we are getting our paperwork together for temp residency what a process I have been told because that one year old son will also have to get some of these tests done. Anyone else been through this with little ones? Any advice?

24-01-2008, 18:03
I think that there are at least 3 tests that are an issue for a 1 yo:

1. Blood test. Probably inevitable, but far from pleasant. This is one of the first tests and you get it on the day you start the process. So be prepared.

2. The lung X-ray, done to determine whether you have TBC. They do it with a huge machine and I can't imagine a baby taking it that way. Note that they might decide on a mantoux test for the same purpose, but let them decide and don't suggest it, as it is a painful test for a small one.

3. Narcology test: it is verbal (Do you do drugs? No. Did you ever smoke a joint? Yes. When was the last time? A long time ago. Did you like it? No, I hated it. Really? Erhm, really... etc etc) , although it is also checked whether you aren't having a tremor and if you are not hallucinating... Unless your son is already able to stand still, understand Russian and speak eloquently and coherently, I think he'll not have to go through this one.

Apart from that, you have to pee and spit in a few tubes (can be done at home) and moreover wait in line.

With every step they ask your registration, so double-check how that works for your son if he is not having any.

24-01-2008, 21:05
We have kids. We all needed HIV tests. But the folks in the National HIV Center in the country where we did all this stuff looked at the kids and said that they would test us. If the parents were negative, then they didn't need to test the kids, providing we affirmed they had never had a transfusion. We figured if one of us tested positive, we wouldn't be moving to Moscow anyhow, so problem solved. As it turned out, here we are. Kids didn't have to get stuck.

So I guess it depends on the folks at the center doing the tests and creating the documents you need for the visas. They gave us docs for the kids (which we paid for the same as if the kids had gotten stuck). Your mileage may vary.

In another age, in another city, applying for visas to another country, husband was told that a prostate exam was required. We figured Authorized Doc wanted a bribe from us to avoid exam. We didn't want to play. Husband says, "Well, if that's what you need . . ." and starts unbuckling trousers. Doc decided that exam isn't really that important . . .

24-01-2008, 21:09
That said, I'm told that those tests were only for the multi entry business visa and not for temp residency.

I found this out when I mentioned this topic to him.

So I guess we will all be doing it too. Let us know what happens for you. The sound you are hearing is the collective groan from every foreigner in husband's office . . .