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24-01-2008, 16:05
Does someone know adresses of Protestant Churches in Moscow? Thank you

24-01-2008, 16:16
What kind of protestant are you looking for? Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist.....?

24-01-2008, 16:48
ooops! I think I need all the churches cos my friend wants to visit them
Could you tell me please some names? Thanx

24-01-2008, 16:55
I only know of a few myself, but don't know the actual addresses.

The Anglican church and the Protestant Chaplaincy both offer services in English, and operate of of the Anglican church on Vosnesensky Pereulok, which is near the conservatory on Bolshaya Nikitskaya.

St. Louis is Catholic, and offers mass in a mix of Russian and French. It's near Lubyanka Metro.

The Catholic catherdral is over around Malaya or Bolshaya Gruzinskaya. They have mas in a bunch of languages, including English (but all at different times).

I know there's a Baptist church with English services, and problaby some generic Pentecostal ones.

I'll try to find some links for your friend.

24-01-2008, 17:19
LIST OF HOUSES OF WORSHIP (http://moscow.usembassy.gov/consular/acs.php?record_id=acsworship)

Saint Andrew's Church
Address: 8/5 Voznesenskiy Pereulok
Metro: Okhotnyy Ryad, Pushkinskaya
Telephone: (495) 629-0990
E-mail: chaplain@standrewsmoscow.org
Website: St Andrew's Anglican Church Moscow (http://www.standrewsmoscow.org)
Service Times: Sundays at 0830, 1100, and 1830; Daily evening prayer, 1830

Baha'i Faith
National Office of Baha'i
Telephone: (495) 683-7472
Fax: (495) 683-7472
Address: P/O 55, Moscow, 129515
Website: (http://www.bahai.ru)
e-mail: secretariat@bahai.ru
Service Times: Please call

International Christian Fellowship
Address: Bolshoy Nikolopeskovskiy pereulok, 12A
Telephone: (495) 507-0635
Website: ibfmoscow.org (http://www.ibfmoscow.org)
Service Times: Sundays at 11:00 (Sunday School at 10:00);
Bible study see Website or call.

Ganden Tendar Ling (FPMT Study Group)
Address: Lomonosovskii Prospect, 19-39, Moscow 117311
Telephone: (495) 930-1811
Website: Ganden Tendar Ling - Main page (http://www.gtl-fpmt.narod.ru/eng/)
E-mail: pavelpetrov@rambler.ru or gandentendarling@yahoo.com
Study Group Times: Call or e-mail

Moscow Zen Center "Kwan Um"
Address: Please call
Telephone: +7 (8162) 66-62-06

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Address: 27 Malaya Gruzinskaya Ul.
Metro: Krasnopresnenskaya or Belorusskaya
Telephone: (495) 252-3911
Service Times: Sundays, 1500 English (Other times: Polish, Spanish, and Russian);

Church of St. Louis
Address: 12a Malaya Lubyanka Ul.
Metro: Lubyanka
Telephone: (495) 625-2034
Service Times: Sundays, 08:00 (Latin), 09:30 (English)

Our Lady of Hope Parish (Moscow Catholic Chaplaincy)
Address: Chapel: 7/4 Kutuzovskiy Prospect, Bldg 5, Entrance 3, Apt. 42
Metro: Kievskaya (Chapel)
Telephone: (495) 243-9621
Email: ourladyofhope@m.astelit.ru
Service Times: Sundays, 09:30 (call for location), 12:00 (Our Lady of Hope Parish uses Crypt of Cathedral of Immaculate Conception see above; mixed English/French)
18:00 Chapel at 7/4 Kutuzovskiy Prospect

Moscow Charismatic Church
Address: Krasnobogatyrskaya, 38, stroyenie 2
Metro: Преображенская
Telephone: (495) 461-9874; (495) 963-35-11
Service Times:
Sundays, 09:00, 11:00 (Russian with English translation);
Thursdays, 19:00
Website: i4J team - (http://www.i4j.net)
Email: rosa@i4j.net

Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints (Mormon)
Address: 6 Stromynsky Pereulok
Metro: Sokolniki
Telephone: (495) 231-3286
Website: http://www.latter-daysaints.ru/ (Russian)
Service Times: Sundays, 09:30 (English)

Moscow Congregation for Progressive Judaism
Address: JCC Nikitskaya, Ulitsa Bolshaya Nikitskaya d. 47/3
Metro: Barrikadnaya
Telephone: (495) 724-1636, 201-3711
Email: nashilmans@mail.ru
Website: - Welcome (http://www.reform.org.ru)
Service Times: Fridays, 1900 (see schedule at - Welcome (http://www.reform.org.ru))

Moscow Synagogue
Address: 10 Bolshoy Spasoglinishchevskiy Pereulok
Telephone: (495) 940-5556/57
Service Times: Sunset Fridays, Saturdays 09:00

Synagogue na Bolshoy Bronnoy
Address: 6 Bolshaya Bronnaya Ulitsa
Metro: Pushkinskaya
Telephone: (495) 202-7393/4530/7645/3070
Service Times: Sunset Fridays; Saturdays 1000; Sundays 0800 and 1000

Synagogue Maryina Roshcha
Address: 5A, 2nd Vysheslavtzev Pereulok
Metro: Rizhskaya
Telephone: (495) 218-0001
Service Times: Sunset Fridays, Saturdays 1000

Moscow Cathedral Mosque
Address: 7 Vypolzov Pereulok
Metro: Prospekt Mira
Telephone: (495) 681-4904/3866
Hot Line: 8-926-247-93-06
Service Times: Fridays; Open daily 0800-2000

International Christian Assembly (Assembly of God)
Address: ул. Стромынка, д. 11, подъезд 1, этаж 4
Metro: Sokolniki
Телефоны: (495) 268-49-20, 268-7201, 269-1613
Факс: (495) 268-49-20
E-mail: сhurch@ag911.ru ; ica_church@mtu-net.ru; dima_saz@mail.ru
Website: .: " " :: :. (http://www.ag911.ru)
Service Times: Sundays, 1100

Calvary Chapel (1905)
Address: 29 Presnensky Val. (House of Culture), room #1
Metro: Belorusskaya
Telephone: (495) 455-0889
Website: Calvary Chapel 1905 Moscow (http://www.cc1905.com)
E-mail: info@cc1905.com
Service Times: Sundays, 1100; Wednesdays, 1900

Calvary Chapel (Kashirskaya)
Address: DK "Moskvorecheye," Room 113,br> Metro: Kashirskaya
Telephone: (495) 322-3596; (495) 347-8240
Website: Calvary Chapel Kashirskaya, Moscow, Russia (http://www.calvarychapel.com/kashirskaya/en_index.html)
Service Times: Sundays, 1200; Wednesdays, 1900
Website has links to other Calvary Chapels in Moscow

Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy
Address: 8/5 Voznesenskiy Pereulok (St. Andrews Church)
Metro: Okhotnyy Ryyad or Pushkinskaya
Telephone: (495) 143-3562
Website: indexpage (http://www.moscowprotestantchaplaincy.org)
E-mail: mpc@rol.ru
Service Times: Sundays, 1500 (Sunday school and child care available)

Seventh Day Adventist Address: 3 Krasnoyarskaya Ulitsa
Metro: Shchelkovskoye
Telephone: (495) 786-8150
Service Times: Saturdays, 1000 and 1800 (bilingual)

Church of St. Catherine, the Great Martyr
(Representation of the Orthodox Church in America to The Russian Patriachate)
Address: 60/2 Bolshaya Ordinka Ulitsa
Metro: Dobryninskaya
Telephone: (495) 248-2903, 959-1296
Service Times: Sundays, 1000

25-01-2008, 17:23
Thank You Sooooo Much!!!!! :):):):)

25-01-2008, 17:44
Knowing how things sometimes don't get updated, I'd call first to double check locations and starting times.