View Full Version : New to Moscow, looking for people to hang out!

20-06-2014, 09:35
Hello Everyone!

I started a full-time job in Moscow this week but haven't been able to meet any young expats from around the world. I am 22, from Azerbaijan, have fluent Russian. My English is also perfect as I did my bachelors in UK, loved every minute out there and would love to meet the British here as well. If you out there are a bunch of fun people let me know whether you're having a pint down the pub, going to some event or playing football, anything would do for me! :D

Have a nice day!


20-06-2014, 10:28
Welcome Farhad :)

Do the English play football? :confused: They do not seem to be very good at it - I see that they have lost their first 2 matches at the World Cup! :10310: