View Full Version : Why is Russia spooked about NATO? Things like this.

22-01-2008, 23:58
So, not only did we renage on agreements not to expand into Eastern Europe, but now the former top brass is calling for Nukes as a first option, nation vetoes to be be abolished and the ability to act without UN approval via majority vote.

No wonder ever tin pot dictatorship wants to acquire nukes, and Russia feels the need to remilatarize. No wonder there's talk of double standards and hypocracy.

Not that anyone else is any better, mind you, but we're the ones grabbing for the moral high ground.

Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited (http://www.guardian.co.uk/nato/story/0,,2244782,00.html)

23-01-2008, 00:20
Russia reaffirmed their first strike policy several days ago. There's nothing new here.

Bush co. has been itchin to nuke someone since they invaded Iraq. India and Packistan, Israel and the whole middle east.

These guys are just stateing the obvious.

23-01-2008, 10:31
Think who really is behind NATO

USA is somewhat of the nato leader..... however,,,, when Nato move into the middle east to seperate Israel and Palistine,,, (this wont be long in waiting) NATO and US break their alliance.....

Russia has every right to be concerned - considering all the strategic places NATO is considering / pushing to put bases....