View Full Version : How much do you pay a pet sitter?

18-01-2008, 17:47

Having no idea what going rates are--for anything--here in Moscow, how much does anyone think the right hourly rate would be for someone to pet sit a dog? (No walking would be required, just hanging out for a couple of hours and making sure the dog doesn't destroy the apartment.)

18-01-2008, 18:00
Do you have a cleaning lady? Mine lives in when I am on holiday so that my babies don't feel too lonely. Normally I pay her 1000 rubles to come and clean per time. But for live-in babysitting, I pay her 3000 rubles a week.

18-01-2008, 18:10
Nope. I am the cleaning lady. (But with the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates in the space of a day, I might rethink that soon.)

Thanks for the info.

21-01-2008, 14:30
From a previous thread:


Perhaps she can help?