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Korotky Gennady
01-05-2014, 19:12
˜ƒдеи п€о‚ив сионис‚ского ˜з€аиля! CNN и BBC сꈋли о‚ ми€а много‚‹ся‡нƒŽ ак†иŽ п€о‚ес‚а иƒдеев - YouTube

[SHOCKING] Confessions of NWO Jewish Zionists - YouTube

01-05-2014, 20:27
a poor state of affairs indeed!

But the Arabs and Palestinians have only themselves to blame. Because they fight each other and that keeps Israel strong. Let all the Arabs make peace with Israel or give them no more reason to fight. And in 10 years there will be no more Israel. Because they have no outside enemy they will take on each other. The ultra nationalists against the moderates, The Sabras against the Russian immigrants.
This by the way does not come from me. i was told that at a function, where i did the cooking, by a very prominent Jewish gentleman who was wondering how a -German- can do kosher cooking.Such is the world, full of contradictions.