View Full Version : Hotels in Brussels and Amsterdam

26-02-2004, 02:17
Hi all. Could anybody recommend inexpensive centrally located hotels in Brussels and Amsterdam ?

Thanks a lot


26-02-2004, 09:10
Ibis in Brussels should not be so expensive.
very centrally located.

09-03-2004, 01:09
Hi there,

did you already try websites like www.hotels.nl ?

I usaly checkout sites that are not linked to one hotel to find nice discounts and offers. I do not like to bargain at hotel entrances, though that is often possible, so the WWW is the next best thing ;)

10-03-2004, 00:21
Thanks for the recommendation. I have booked my trip through www.bookings.nl , it was an extremely good site, full of great offers, which apparently go very quickly.
Viva la bargains !

10-03-2004, 00:31
Amsterdam is very expensive. Holland is very small. So. Why not stay in Delft or Rotterdam and take the train in to Amsterdam every day ?? One hour from Rotterdam, 45 minutes from Delft..... nice ride. You may even see a cow. There`s just one in the area, which is one big city, and they move it around from time to time. I`m sure of it. ;-)))))

Rotterdam hotels - the Wilgenhof, Emma, one on the Spoorsingel - where I used to live - cheaper than Amsterdam by far......

10-03-2004, 23:33
Yeah, its a very good idea to go on a day trip out of the city. I did the same in Dublin, went to Dakcley a beautiful seaside town, where the famous Irish have settled -Bono, Lisa Standsfield etc.
My husband fancies to go to Bruise, we may go there if time allows.
>You may even see a cow.
Oh, we have enough cows here in Lancashire :)))))))