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20-04-2014, 05:11

for sure the visitor did not come to collect or bring a few easter eggs?
Business does not care about politics,sanctions or whatever.If they can make a buck or two, or a billion is even better, they are there....

20-04-2014, 10:24
Debunked on Reddit yesterday very quickly.

"[]skywagon 269 points 1 day ago

nothing mysterious here - just is operated by

Engineers & Planners Company Limited Accra Ghana

here it is at home in Ghana: https://www.flickr.com/photos/15110856@N02/12857247375/

the Utah bank is the registered owner (trustee to keep US status)

it is common for many non US companies to keep the aircraft registered on the N# (US reg.)

there are many non US folks flying US registered aircraft all around the world

these guys are probably just popping in for consulting or construction job

[]dimomark 77 points 1 day ago

Yup. This plane is in the service of Ghanian President Mahama who used it to visit the World Economic Forum in Davos (http://www.presidency.gov.gh/node/444) and was invited by the President of Iran to discuss trade matters.

[]lux-ex-tenebris 79 points 1 day ago

I don't get how the author of the NYT article couldn't have done a little bit of research like this. Whatever happened to investigative journalism?

[]Waxhoya 54 points 1 day ago

It gets a lot more attention as a mystery US plane. Who would want to read "African engineers land in Iran on US registered plane"


20-04-2014, 18:39
and a simple explanation will not bring the ratings. so rather make a lot of noise and claim you did not know.....
apology will come on page 6 inbetween -dogs to give away- and - used cars for sale-.