View Full Version : Weekend (Farmers...) Markets are open again

18-04-2014, 11:38
by the grace and order of our overlord the Mayor of Moscow,:whisper: in each district there will be weekend markets from Friday to Sunday. EVERY WEEKEND UNTIL OCTOBER.....:whisper:
Freeland Tomatoes from AZERBAIDZHAN where one can taste it is a tomato...
For the Easter days nice fat strawberries ( i know they aren't in season locally yet...)
Dairy products from Pappa Lukashenko at better prices than in the supermarkets. And cheese that during the winter months (when there is no market) i have not seen in any shop.
Suluguni, nearly as good as i had many years back in Tbilisi when i was working there.
For the first time also fresh meat. Vacuum packed and all kept refrigerated.
But not the little bits and pieces that one finds pre packed at the supermarket. Fair enough no Wagyu or Black Angus....
Every refrigerator shows a (WORKING) thermometer!
The place is neat and clean, toilets, for free, water to wash the hands.
I am obviously talking about -our- market here in Strogino, but i assume the others will be the same?
And no:thumbsup: cheap rags from China, no:thumbsup: plastic pots and pans and other assorted -hardware-.Only -eatable- and -edible- items on show.
while it is of course still cold,:jawdrop: spring and summer will come.:whisper:and with it for sure and definitely local fruits and vegetables!:thumbsup:
the place to go shopping before the weekend!:thumbsup:

18-04-2014, 11:58
Ben, I got hungry from reading your list!:)