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24-02-2004, 19:44
I recently received a vid na zhiteltsvo and am wondering if its necessary to obtain an exit visa to leave the country. Previously this was required and my local OVIR tells me that a visa is no longer required. I've learned to take their advice with a grain of salt (since I had to resubmit numerous documents to even get the darn thing). I've contact the central OVIR in Moscow to no avail. Any advice ?

24-02-2004, 21:28
I can't speak directly to your case, but even with my work permit and a full registration I still have to get a ME Visa, which OVIR did for me. At the border on my last trip out they told me that you always have to have some type of visa.

My guess is that it is now the same with your Temp Vid - it gives you the ability to live here without a visa, but you probably need an ME visa to get in and out. I think they may have done away with exit visas entirely.

Again - this is just my case - I don't know if the same applies with "Vids", but my guess is that the changes in the system in January were across the board.

25-02-2004, 13:07
Thanks. Only my Vid is permanent for 5 years and looks like a passport with pages in the back for exit/entry stamps at border points.

10-03-2004, 06:39
I'm also applying for one of these. Did you try to leave the country with just the Vid? Or did you try to get a visa? Hear more about this from anyone else? I've also heard you don't need a visa with the Vid Na Zhi....

If you have the Vid Na etc. do you need a work permit?



10-03-2004, 16:57
I hadn't tried to leave yet. I was trying to find out before I got to the airport with my wife and 2 kids and find out I can't leave ;) I've been assured from my local OVIR that all I need to present is my Vid and they will stamp it when I leave and when I return. I hope this is true.

As to your question. Your Vid is your work permit. If you receive it in one city and work in a different one it must be registered with the OVIR of your residence where you work from what I understand. So, if you have a "propiska" in St. Petersburg where you received your VID and you work and reside in Moscow, for example, then your VID must be registered with the local OVIR where you live in Moscow. Quite confusing. . . but I'm used to it after 10 years :)

10-03-2004, 18:30
It sounds like you are a seasoned veteran and right to be cautious...but it sounds like OVIR won't give you a visa anyway.

I'm going to apply for this thing regardless...let's see if we can find someone who has crossed the border naked (no visa in hand) with only the VID. I'll ask around.



11-03-2004, 15:28
Just wondering if you used a lawyer or some other "agent" to get your vid? Prithee do tell.

12-03-2004, 11:46

No lawyers or "agents", just 8 months of agony of multiple trips to the OVIR for more documents of which they "lost" or "forgot to require of us (i.e. wife and I). Like proof of marriage, children, life itself, et al. Tests out the wazoo! And anything else you can imagine under the sun. But lo and behold we used no "agents" or lawyers for this torcherous procedure. :D


15-03-2004, 12:53
You dont require an exit Visa and the Ovir is right,
I also have the same document and have been travelling often!
they will just stamp in your residential document thats all!