View Full Version : Hello! Leo.

Leonid Popov
29-03-2014, 23:18
Hi everyone,
my name is Leo. I'm originally from Sochi but now temporarily live in Moscow. Nice to be here!

29-03-2014, 23:19
Welcome Leo!
How is it there after Olimpics?

Leonid Popov
29-03-2014, 23:25
Not sure, I left Sochi 6 months ago. My parents who live there say it's going back to normal life rapidly. Probably, people will miss the trains running every 10 or 15 minutes and free buses =)

29-03-2014, 23:39
Yeah, it was a great event...
And what is your activity in Moscow?

Leonid Popov
29-03-2014, 23:52
The event was, indeed, impressive!
I'm here having a foreign languages related shiftjob and starting teaching business Russian or Russian all in all. Teaching is the best way to make my degree in Law and legal work experience useful without getting employed as a lawyer.

05-04-2014, 15:34
Welcome Leo!