View Full Version : let's meet on Sunday

24-02-2004, 15:52
Dear all I know in person and those I still don't know,

I have an offer that MM didn't like but I still hope he will join us. I'd like to go skating this or next Sunday. I know 3 places for that: park Sokolniki, Sad Ermitage or Park Kultury. They say in Sokolniki there r warm cloakrooms. So it may be the best place to go to.
After ice fun with lot's of fallings down we can move to some cozy bar and continue there.

Is here anyone for that?

24-02-2004, 16:16
I don't dislike the idea :) I just can't skate and drink at the same time :)

24-02-2004, 16:35
we'll separate it! Skating first... and then the rest

24-02-2004, 16:53
Hey babygirl!!! I AM TOTALLY IN!!!! But it depends what time...i may have to join in cuz i play american football on sundays.....

24-02-2004, 17:03
what time do u have it? it will defenitely be in the afternoon or evening... what abt 3pm?

25-02-2004, 11:34
So, is somene else coming?

we already have:

I, me and myself,
mm who didn't dislike the idea,
plastique who is totally in but may play american football instead of skating.

who else?

wake up ppl!!! winter is almost over... In summer u will regret if u don't join us!!!

26-02-2004, 14:40
Can you rent skates there? Sat would be better than Sun, but if it's sometime after 5 I might make it. Haven't skated in a couple of years... :)

26-02-2004, 14:43
Yes u can... They say in Sokolniki they have very decent skates for rent... unfortunately I can't on Saturday. If only next Saturday...