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12-01-2008, 02:26
so i have two questions here:

1) i presume registration (for where you live) is only valid for the length of the visa, so if my visa is only for 3 months and i prove i live where i live, will there be any problems with the FMS due to the fact its only for 3 months? or do they look at perspective registration for when you will already have the temp res permit?

2) i was told that if you rent a room in an apartment etc that you will also need to sign a contract, which then needs to be notarized, so that the owners can pay tax on the rent they take from you (or something like that)
has anyone had to do thins or heard anything about it??

again, much thanks for the info!!

14-01-2008, 15:40
On point (1), you shouldn't have any problems with the FMS as regards your application for temporary residency, but you will have to leave the country or extend the visa when the 3 months are up.

On point (2), what you describe is the law on renting apartments, and there have been occasions when local police turn up at the door of an apartment rented by foreigners, demanding to see a rental contract. This information is then fed back to the local tax people. This has never happened to me, and I haven't heard of it happening for some time, but there were instances. But the onus is on the landlord, not you, to do all this, as far as the tax police are concerned.
As for what the FMS require for your application, I'm not sure. Have a look through the threads here and on redtape.ru, but I think you only need a document from the owner of the apartment agreeing to register you there, and you may need a confirming document from his DEZ.

14-01-2008, 18:16
The registration of the visa has nothing to do with the place where you will be registered for your (temporary or not) residence permit.

For your RP you can be registered only in a place where the landlord allows you to be registered. You must supply:

- A notarized letter from the landlord saying that he allows you to be registered in the place.
- A copy of the proof of ownership (that the landlord is really the landlord)
- A document that shows that all utility bills are paid (less than one month old)
- An ordinary copy of the landlord's passport

This applies in all cases. If your wife is the landlord, too. If you are the landlord, too.

If you need more official info, just ask. If you need fantasy info, go to RT :)

16-01-2008, 03:04
thanks guys, that makes life somewhat easier. what would this whole process be like without the internet - i dread to think!:bong: