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11-01-2008, 09:48
I went to 'Five Oceans' resturant last night on Marksistskaya st, 20, Blg 1. and was disappointed again with a brewery-cum-restaurant.

The beer was nice and on tap at the table, the decor was like the inside of a ship but all the food was served warm. I sent the 4 small chops (that were described as 'steak') back, as did my Russian friend later and they came back as warm as they left.

All the food is protein only, no veg or carbos. you have to order them separately which no-one knew so no one did, at the 20 place team party, so every one was trying to eat a plate full of fish or sausage or meat.

As a food hygiene professional I have found that all these breweries cum restaurants serve cold food. It must be cooked earlier in the day and either warmed on a plate or in a microwave.

So beware of the seafood in places like that. :vomit:

I have been to 'Old man Muller' and they were the same although they have an EXCELLENT salad bar. as much as you can eat for one price.

My favourite is still the Shesh Besh chain. good salad bar, food served HOT (and therefore bacteria free) cheap price and good portions.