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23-02-2004, 12:22
I think there should be one forum dedicated to career, work and employment opportunities. Included could be entrepreneurial chat - new ideas, new projects, funding opportunities, etc. Also recruiters could post to it and benefit all expats in Moscow and Russia.

23-02-2004, 12:33
Sounds like a clever idea. 1200 why wouldn't you start it!

Business Site
23-02-2004, 12:55
A new site is now ready for this and other business related discussions. More and more business people will be joining it over the coming weeks as we come closer to launch of the full site. Please PM me for details. We are not creating another expat site or an alternative to this site - the new site is a resource designed by and for the English speaking (and later general) business community in Russia.

In fact I am a regular contributor to this site under another login, and will not post the URL of the new site here unless I choose to purchase paid advertising.


23-02-2004, 13:05
Wow, I didn't want it until you said that we can't have it.

will you pm it to me please

you're a marketing guru!

Business Site
23-02-2004, 13:18
I plead guilty as charged; my main fields are marketing and market research :). However, while subconsciously I did engage in fine guerilla marketing tactics by posting as I did, my motives were 100% honest - if indeed there is a lot of interest coming from this site, I will place paid advertising and/or enter into other forms of cooperation with Expat.ru


23-02-2004, 13:44
Meanwhile there is a new folder entitled business discussions for exactly this idea, well done 1200.