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22-02-2004, 21:38
I was attempting to post a rather long and amusing anecdote in Bardak, and while composing it, I was logged out and ended up losing all that I had written. Pls advise or correct this, unless you want Bardak to be nothing but a bunch of one-liners containing the words a**e, c**t, and w***er!

23-02-2004, 01:27
Quite agree with Bob here - those of us who tend to write "magnum octopuses" tend to click on the Submit button to find that their cunning, witty and totally irrelevant pearls have wisdom have shot off somewhere never to be seen again.

Must be worse for those struggling to find the correct English letters on a Russian keyboard, too............

24-02-2004, 13:52
I had this same problem. I think you've gotta turn the "cookies" option to on.

Alternatively, quit talking so much.

24-02-2004, 13:59
Thanks - maybe I have them off on my home machine. Will try posting from here.

ghost 6-3
24-02-2004, 14:14
Write it on Word, spell check it, copy it, then post. If you logout, it will still be in the buffer. Even better, it will be spelling-error free

24-02-2004, 14:17
Actually, I just succeeded in posting it with cookies turned OFF.

Teutonic Deity
24-02-2004, 19:12
Just checked the board options - there doesn't appear to be any adjustment I can make on this side to increase the timeout. Ghost's Word option is probably the best bet for you long-winded posters :-)

Banned 1st
24-02-2004, 21:40
I lost messages a few times because of log out problem, but would always recover them by either clicking a back button and copying, or by logging on again, then clicking the back buttons until I get to that "Post reply" window (with my text still there) and then Submit.

25-02-2004, 03:16
I have also had the same experience as 1st.

02-03-2004, 15:00
same problem here. i use opera 7.23
(best browser on earth, f*** bill gates)
cookies are ON.
i posted something and right after this when i tried to make another post i was kicked out.
c'mon webmaster get rid of that time-out setting. it's ridiculous to say the least...
i browse a lot in amazon.com and i'm NEVER kicked out.
webmaster: do you think this forum has to be more secure than amazon.com?

12-03-2004, 17:02
c'mon admin wake up!
what about that silly time out?
don't know how to get rid of it?
support here is worst than kosmos tv, gee :(