View Full Version : Counterfeit Rubles

02-03-2014, 14:07
So I am selling a new ipad via AVITO.ru for 22000 rubles. I am going to be exchanging it soon, but I am a bit worried about the possibility of counterfeit Rubles because I have never sold an item in russia before and (to me personally- 22000 rubles is a lot).

Am I just being paranoid or does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have a russian bank account and not planning on getting one since I'm only here half a year.

02-03-2014, 16:05
Is the iPad counterfeit? Why the paranoia?

Just agree with the buyer to meet at his / her bank and watch them withdraw the money from the bank!

Easy, when you know how! ;)

Good Luck! :)