View Full Version : Russian visa agency in the U.S.?

Adell Karian
10-01-2008, 17:48
Any recommendations for a visa agency in the U.S. (D.C., New York or elsewhere) that can process a work visa? All the documentation, etc. will be provided by my employer -- I just need the people to do the legwork. The agency I've been speaking with doesn't even know the difference between a work visa and a business visa, which isn't exactly encouraging. In the past I've gotten my visa in London, but with the rule change, I don't think I'll have much choice but to get in the U.S.

Thanks very much.

10-01-2008, 18:01
VisatoRussia (http://www.visatorussia.com/russianvisa.nsf/contact_us.html) has offices in Moscow and Chicago, MAYBE they can assist for work visa, really not sure...

22-01-2008, 14:54
I used a place called "Duke's" in Washington, D.C. You can google Duke's Visa for their website (it's the name of the company dot com). They will personally walk your passport through the Russian embassy. It can get expensive, depending on what kind of visa you're getting and how quickly you want it, but I found them reliable and have heard others say similar things.

Good luck.

11-02-2008, 20:18
Valentina at International Visa Service in Washington DC is the best! she speaks both languages natively, has strong contacts in the consulate/embassy and is very good at followthrough. Valentina Meehan and the website is International Visa Service - Home (http://www.ivsdc.com)

19-02-2008, 11:38
Sorry, but I don't understand you, why you need a visa service (especially special visa service to get a work visa). The main problem with the work visa is to get an invitation in Russia with the purpose of the trip - work. If you have such invitation already, everything is the same for you (I mean it's like to get a business visa for 1 year (original of the invitation, HIV test, letter from your employer and ect as usual) at the Russian Embassy.

To get this invitation (purpose of the trip "work") your employer has to have a Permit to hire foreigners plus he has to have a personal work permit for you already, only after this our authorities can issue an invitation with the purpose of the trip "work", plus if you are going to work at the representative office (not in the Russian company) of the foreign company the rules a little bit different and easier for the employees of the rep.offices.

If you have any questions, please ask, if I know the answers (or think that I know :-) I'd try to help you at least with information what to do.