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20-02-2014, 19:48
Hello- My wife and 2 children and myself will be relocating to Moscow in the near future. With my relocation package we get a container, and an air shipment. My boss is recommending to purchase furniture/kitchen goods/appliances and get a furnished apartment verses bringing all of our things in a container. The company will pay for the purchase of new things in Moscow.

My question is, can you find American or European furniture and kitchen goods in Moscow? We plan to send pictures, kids toys/games, in our air shipment and can supplement what we dont send in the shipment with purchases in Moscow. My wife just wants to make sure she can find quality kitchen goods (pans, knives, appliances, etc).

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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20-02-2014, 20:14
don't know though if you want a Westinghouse washing machine or dryer, but GE will do also fine.

being more realistic now, there is indeed nothing that you can not buy here. from big GE Double Door refrigerators that also make ice water, convection ovens and the like.
also keep in mind: here in Russia we have 220 Volt, in the USA 110, you will have km's of transformer cables all over the place.....

20-02-2014, 20:26
From own experience, try to ship as little as possible. I've relocated a few times in my life and reduced it to the minimum: clothes, laptop, crucial documents and a few books I cannot live without. Obviously your kids will demand their toys :)

Customs duties in Russia can be evil - try searching the forum. Just enjoy having everything brand new, especially if your company is offering to pay. Most apartments in Moscow are rented out with furniture. Once you've found a place you like you can move in right away.

You can get everything in Moscow. Sometimes not where you'd expect it from home. But that's the same in every country. You just need to ask around.

20-02-2014, 20:32
I relocated in September last year and my company STRONGLY recommended to not import anything. Which i did not.
Finding a furnished apartment I arrived with two suitcases and bought everything else here. Company paid for most of it, which seems to be similar in your case. So if you have a generous employer don't bother to go through the hassle of container packing and import nightmare in Russia ! :)

Welcome !

20-02-2014, 20:48
also keep in mind: here in Russia we have 220 Volt, in the USA 110There is also the frequency that is 50Hz in Russia vs 60 Hz in the US.
Not a big problem unless you have a clock in your equipment that depend on the frequency on the power grid, clock-radios, clocks in general are the thing to be aware about here, other equipment with motors will run a bit slower in Russia because of this lower frequency.

Do not bring a US TV set, the colorsystem is different (NTSC in the US and SECAM in Russia, and the IF for the soundsubcarrier is different too).

FM radios will work, but the range in Russia is around 87-108 mHz.

Regarding all stuff that use a power adaptor (including chargers for what-ever-you-have), here you just buy a suitable adaptor in Russia, you can find them all over, check the (output) Voltage (be aware if AC or DC), Amps and Wattage, the Voltage must be spot on the original adaptor, the Amps and Wattage should just be minimum the same as the original adaptor (For power efficiency stay within 100-150% of the original adaptor when it comes to Amps/Watt)

I would just bring things I can't live without (with respect to the above information), You can find all you need in Russia, maybe not the right brand, right colour on day one, but you will be able to find stuff.
Go to IKEA and buy household stuff to start off with, then use a month or two, or even more to look around in the shops and see what you can get and get it step by step and replace the IKEA stuff.

20-02-2014, 20:52
We just shipped a container of new furniture and household goods from New York to Moscow. Even though we complied with every requirement and paid every fee, it was a frustrating and expensive experience. Our furniture dealer shipped 6 new queen size mattress sets instead of 3, customs clearance in Moscow took over a month. Just about everything you need is available in Moscow. In most cases warranties on electronics and appliances are only honored where purchased.
Good Luck!

28-03-2014, 18:12
It is so expensive to move, you can pretty much buy anything you need here. IKEA has everything.