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19-02-2014, 12:31
Hello everyone! Could you advice me a pretty town to visit near Moscow? Maximum 1 hour by train.. Thanx!

19-02-2014, 20:01
Sergiev Posad has a beautiful monastery, and you can get there in 1 hour 20 minutes by train.

19-02-2014, 21:10
Sergiev Posad has a beautiful monastery, and you can get there in 1 hour 20 minutes by train.
Agree. I also may recommend a nice Russian style restaurant across the main street from monastery ;) You may fit in shorter time if use express/Sputnik elektrichka from Yaroslavsky vokzal, m. Komsomol'skaya, see rasp.yandex.ru

Another town with monastery in 1h 20 min is Zvenigorod, no expresses here, from Belorussky vokzal, m. Belorusskaya.

20-02-2014, 11:40
A bit further but Rostov Veliky is very pretty, would be nice to visit in spring or summer especially. I think about 2.5 or 3 hours by train. I was there a few years ago.
I see you want one hour maximum, but go early, read a book on the train, spend the day there and come back on a evening train. Was comfortable for me.
Gorgeous monastery, can take a boat ride and get very pretty pics of the monastery over the water. There is a lake, pretty little gingerbread type houses and interesting old buildings and kremlin.
The women's mines try was still in repairs but the men's was renovated while I was there.

Btw if anyone wants to go once the trees are green, I would not mind another trip there. Get a group and make it a day.

20-02-2014, 11:56
I'd recommend Sergiev Posad as well. Not only churches but nice city views as well

20-02-2014, 13:28
As others have said above, a lot of nice places are more than an hour away.

There's a map below showing some nice places to visit.

Some others that ARE within an hour of Moscow are Noginsk which is quite a pretty place to visit and then a bit further out is Pokrov which has an amazing monastery on an island just outside it

20-02-2014, 20:23
you can visit Zvenigorod, it is only 50 km from Moscow, it is easy to get there by car, train or bus. there is a wonderful monastery with museums and view at the Moscow river. really nice.