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19-02-2004, 15:41
Does anyone here ever become irritated with the prepaid internet cards and how you have to reconfigure the dialing properties, user numbers, passwords, etc?

19-02-2004, 15:47
Nope - Use MGU or however you pronounce it at weekends .. spend about $10 a month - have the odd prob dialing in but nothing ever too drastic.

Never had to reconfigure anything get more annoyed with the MSN Messenger & ICQ I have on the machine !

19-02-2004, 15:56
What I mean is that, when you buy a new card, you have to enter all the information provided on it, telephone numbers, password, logon, etc. Then when you are done, you throw it away and have to go buy another one. Would it not be nice if there was like a disk that you put in CD ROM, and it configures all the numbers, passwords, etc, and dials for you?

19-02-2004, 15:59
never tryed to mark - "save password"??
the only thing you have to rewrite is key# and check# on the web page of your provider

19-02-2004, 16:22
psiems - Maybe its me - but I configured the dial up on my home PC just the once - set myself up with a login and password again just the once - and then I buy the cards and top up my account. Even if your account runs to zero you log on as a guest ..top up your account and away you go again.

I think your doing something wrong .....

19-02-2004, 16:23
But when you want to dial up from a different computer you have to do it all over again, right?

19-02-2004, 16:32
I've been using Elvis Telecom ISP cards since 1999. Whenever I buy a new card and login to their card services page, I can either establish a new account with the card's PIN or add funds to my existing one ("popolnenie resursa"). I've kept the same account name and password with them since the first time I ever logged on, and have never experienced a problem.

I can configure as many computers with my primary account info as I want, as long as there is never any attempt to access the same account simultaneously from multiple computers. Once I've entered my Elvis dialup/account info into the computer the first time (MSW Connection Wizard), I don't ever have to enter anything else.

Also, whenever I am in the US, I am always able to access my Elvis POP3 email via a US ISP.

19-02-2004, 16:40
Originally posted by psiems
But when you want to dial up from a different computer you have to do it all over again, right?

I guess it depends on what dial-up program you're using. In Windows XP, you can create and save different dialing "locations". Granted you have to set each one up, but only once. After that, you just use the drop down scroll bar window to select where you're dialing from, and go.
That way, I can use my laptop from home, office, abroad, etc.

19-02-2004, 16:45
Thanks guys, just a little curious what people think, something may be brewing, stay tuned!

19-02-2004, 16:45
Yes you have to configure a dial up connection - but that takes a few minutes tops - so long as you know your id and password it works from any computer. Or at least it does from me - I have looged on from at least 2 other PC's in this town - just to show people how easy it was.