View Full Version : For the people who posted their CV's be aware of the many job advanced fee fraud scams!!

16-01-2014, 18:41
I recently got hundreds of emails offering the best jobs ever. Usually in other conutries like Qatar, the UK, France and Dubai. They offer a job to teach their children. The salary they offer is very high and they will double the salary if you ask them to. Then they put you in contact with a lawyer who will arrange your workpermit. They ask all your personal details and here it is when it goes wrong. Ater that they ask you to pay large sums for the workpermit upfront. Every time the fees become higher.

Never give personal details to complete strangers. and don't pay any money upfront.

Be aware of such bogus job offers

16-01-2014, 19:41
Be aware of such bogus job offers[/QUOTE]

people know they are a fraud but still fall for it!
any honest and good job agency will NEVER ask an applicant/job seeker for any money.
only thing they might ask to -do your CV- for a small fee, and that one can do by himself with the help of yahoo/google or a friend.