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16-01-2014, 00:29
After living in Moscow for the last year I've moved back to the UK and my Russian girlfriend is now with me. She is here currently on a tourist visa.

We want to get married soon (ideally in Cyprus) and there are a few complications in the way.

The biggest of these complications is that after she marries me she'll need a spouse visa, and to get a spouse visa I need to earn over 18,500 a year. Simply put, I don't. Is there another way around this? Savings? How do they check?

Any advice on this matter would be extremely helpful, it seems like we're in a very difficult situation.

Thanks in advance,

16-01-2014, 02:37
All the details about the financial requirement are given in this link:-


But it is quite a difficult read.

Basically, with savings you do need an awful lot. The rules are given in the link above, but to give you an example of the sliding scale:-

Savings of 62,500 then you don't need to have any income at all
Savings of 25,000 then you need an income of 15,000
Savings of 17,500 then you need an income of 18,000

There isn't really an easy way around it at all. There used to be what was called the ''Surinder Singh Route'' and lots of people were using that to get around the financial requirement. However, in December the government realised that people were doing this and so changed the rules.

However, this has only just happened so nobody really knows what the situation is at the moment. Have a read here for some more information:-


But to put it simply, if you were to go and work abroad for at least six months, and probably better for it to be a year, in another EU country - Spain, Greece, where ever - with your wife then you would qualify under what used to be called the ''Surinder Singh Route'' for her to come back to the UK with you after this time without needing to show any earnings.

Another alternative is to get married and live outside of the EU - in Russia for example - for at least four years and then apply for ILR for your wife and the requirement for savings would then only be 34,600 for you not to need to show any income at all.

You ask how they check? Well, when it comes to salary they will want to see your payslips, letter from employer and your bank statements for the last six months showing the salary being paid.

Sorry that I couldn't be any more positive


It doesn't just need to be Spain or Greece - you could also go and work in Ireland where at least you'll be speaking English.

16-01-2014, 22:11
Thanks for taking the time out to help, TonyTony. Really useful advice. Thanks again mate.