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14-01-2014, 23:12
Hi there,
I come to Moscow on Saturday and very confused what to do..

I am trying to find the easiest way to withdraw a large amount of money or pay for tuition at MGU ~ 100000 RUB. I was looking through this forum a bit...

I only have a foreign mastercard with a small credit union (not a visa card) and all of my money is in my checking accounts. My friend suggested going to Сберьанк, ВТБ24, etc.

I will be here for 3-6 months. Can anyone suggest something? How have people paid for their tuition in the past ?

15-01-2014, 11:16
First of all take payment doc in MGU (zhirovka, platyozhka, kvitantsia, whatever they call it). There will be their bank details. Ask those ppl who give you the doc - where is the nearest bank office. Go there and ask, if they accept plastic for such payments. Then contact your abroad bank and warn that you'll pay by card or withdraw cash in Russian bank named xyz.
And don't make illusions about "large" - 100 kilorub in Moscow is just a pocket money ;)

17-01-2014, 01:38
Not sure about MGU but several universities accept credit cards in their cashiers office. Have you checked with them?

You need to know your credit union's daily cash withdrawal limit ... you may need to make withdrawals over a few days to accumulate 100k RUR.

The previous suggestion may work as well ... again check with your credit union to determine any applicable daily limits that may be involved.

17-01-2014, 03:10
100k is pocket change in Moscow, firstly.

Secondly, I have a USD account in Sberbank for this reason. I wire transfer funds from my foreign accounts in USD into this account, usually takes 2-3 days. There is no limit (or at least I haven't reached it transferring up to 20K USD a month).

31-01-2014, 18:00
Thanks for the responses-for anyone attending MGU CIE (they are changing the name from CIE to IRLC btw), they have an account in a new york bank that you can wire your money to directly, so it is very simple.