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07-01-2014, 16:57
hello guys !

I'm a french girls fond of russia :)
I studied in russia and now i've jsut found a job. so i'm looking for a place to live in moscow :)
Feel free to contact me !
Will be glad to have some french relatives there in Moscow !
Let's get in touch


07-01-2014, 19:14
Bienvenue a Moscou

I am French too, though I am teaching ENglish here. I can 't offer you a room but check in cian.ru and watch that commission is not too high and negotiate with agent or landlord ,best to avoid all that and share with others,best of luck I am happy to talk if you need,though i am busy as a teacher and tutor every day....happy to pass on lessons if you are a teacher.... let me know
regards pascal

17-01-2014, 14:55

French expat in Moscow as well, feel free to contact me if you need advices!