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05-01-2014, 14:35
Hello forum!

I'm Ariel, 33 years old,from Jaffo, Israel. I have been studying Russian independently for about 7 years in my country, strictly as an intellectual challenge, using various old grammar books and audio tapes. Iv'e been in Moscow on winter holidays since last Sunday, never actually been to the country before, but somehow I managed to slip away from my job responsibilities for a couple of weeks so obviously this is a big deal for me. In Israel, I work for a Finance firm.

I also speak a bunch of other languages, but my three native ones are Hebrew (obviously), English and French (American father, grew up in Strasbourg).

Errr that's about it I suppose, I'm keen to meet both local Russian and expats during my stay here, I fly back on Jan 9th.

Hope to hear back from someone as I desperately need a local guide! I can freestyle rap quite well and wondered if there are any open mic hiphop venues where I could maybe drop a few bars?! :)

Thanks, cheers, c novim godom.

06-01-2014, 17:21
Welcome to Moscow and RF! :)

06-01-2014, 18:03
Hello forum!

I'm Ariel, 33 years old,from Jaffo, Israel.

Welcome to expat.ru :wavey:

06-01-2014, 18:12
Shalom and welcome to the forum!