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31-12-2013, 19:17
Hey guys, I'm the one who started the last thread asking for advice on moving to Russia. I found work in the meantime (the first job I got after years of having nothing) a 50 hour a week job so I haven't come back to the thread and now I find it closed so I start this one to first of all thank Vladimir1979 for posting that huge, informative and useful post.

I have lived in many regions of the world and heavily jammed skin of immigrant. Of course as there is already written above, it is easiest to have good skills and a lot of money to immigrate. So you my answer to your question, in order:

1. No one ever trust 100 percent, people are not machines and not gods, they can not know everything and be objective, all their information is subjective and based only on human disparate pieces of information.

2. To find out what you need to collect a lot of different information from different sources about your question. Then it becomes already clear what to do next.

3. Russia is a big country and it is very different. If someone tells you about the uniquely Russian, so he does not understand what Russia. For example, one of the myths of very cold in Russia - Russia has a lot of different climates from arctic to subtropical in part, as an example of the city of Sochi and Anapa, that is, in Russia you can pick up a climate of what you like.

"In Russia, a lot of crime," - in different cities in different ways, for example in Moscow is not a very nice area that's Butovo, but you can safely go out at night on the street and walk anywhere in Russian cities do not have these ghetto areas in the United States or Latin America. But this does not mean that you'll be walking at night with camera in hand to attract the attention of the rich and clothes somewhere in a residential area on the outskirts of the city.

That is not to think of the stamps must clearly know the answer. Standard rules for travelers working in all countries of the earth.

In general, these myths about Russia very much, you need to clearly understand that but where it can be in certain situations, and where absolutely the opposite. So when someone talks about Russia clearly means he does not understand what is Russia, and even the Russians themselves are often wrong. Because Russia is a big country, very big.

4. The Soviet Union has left a very large legacy as Russia and other CIS countries. In the Soviet Union, all the people were in the majority were socially equal, that is, they were about the same things, salaries, food and years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, such a bundle of rich and poor countries as in the U.S., Latin America and Western Europe, Russia does not have.

This means in Russian social elevator is really working with the space velocity. During the year you can achieve great success, but it all depends on the person.

5. So you're asking how to immigrate without knowing the language and having no skills in Russian, as always filled up a bunch of Topicstarter unnecessary information, but the answer and no. First of all you are Serb and relationship to you is quite another, as you wrote, that you repeatedly harassed because of your nationality. Therefore, we can apply to the nearby Russian Embassy to the provision of political asylum.

This is not an easy path, but also in other countries of Europe and the United States. In Russia, too, is moving centers of political refugees, where you can live free for a while, and refugee status will provide an opportunity to work officially, you can see it on the news on the example of Ed Snowden

6. Another option is to start every day to search through the internet employer in Russia that would help make a work visa and help with housing. You have to be persistent in finding out a lot of options. Need to make a list and planned to move on it, sooner or later there will be people who will need your skills in the first place that you know English. A lot of different companies that send native speakers in Russia.

Google translator really cool (the text was written with the help of google translator, I am not very fluent in English ), so using google translator to compile a list of companies where you could work on many websites of companies if the partitions vacancy. And begin to compose a letter to send, you should be ready to communicate via Skype.

Constantly monitor the sites for job offers elsewhere publish its summary that will be told what you know and what you need and how to contact you. In general, you need to be persistent in achieving the goal of using the Internet, Google and Skype.

In my experience I have several times helped people who have lived in other countries at the same time I did not know their language and laws of the country, but still with the help of the Internet, Google and Skype find information how to solve the problem and help them in their own country without knowing their language and laws

It's not that hard, just need to be persistent, broaden their horizons and to structure the information.

7. Well, the most recent version - to get a tourist visa for one month, to buy ticket, to get money for food for one month to cook yourself or to buy noodles Rolton ^), to take the money for the removal of the room where on average $ 200 a month on transportation costs $ 200 and how much more is possible other expenses.

And go to Russia. Please stay in some sort of a cheap hotel or hostel and apartments at night they can be found through the pre-Internet, print and show the taxi driver. Accessible by public transport or by using the Internet and Google MAPS.

Also, some time you can sleep for free at the airport and train stations But in any case it is necessary to seek a cheap room where you can live for a month or more. We need to find somebody who would be issued over the SIM card and access the internet on the phone - this is probably the most important thing.

Or find penpals who also wants to live for a while in Russia. Four people can take 2-bedroom apartment. General separation of prices for rental housing in Russia is very high in different regions of different prices and also a lot of options.

For whom it's no secret that Russia is a very large number of illegal immigrants, as you Serb police on the street will not stop you. And generally just not carry documents, prepare in advance a story. Of course all these tips at your own risk, because now the authorities are beginning to tighten the screws against illegal immigrants.

With work also decide to issue a lot of work for such workers: in construction, HoReCa, medical record do not the problem. In general, the main goal is to get at least full of income and housing. And the most important thing to do is not spend your money on horrible.

It is necessary to make every effort to become a normal and an immigrant to obtain citizenship. Also a lot of options.

In general a lot of ways in Russia. And finally, what distinguishes Russia from other countries. My opinion is that Russia is the most FREE country in every sense, it is good or bad, but it is possible to understand many things in Russia as good and bad.

In Russia, everything is possible and it is no surprise...

Vladimir1979 I can't thank you enough for this useful post.

You suggest that I apply for political asylum but I was hoping to avoid this. I'm not even confident it would work out because you don't understand the passive nature these Canadian thugs carry out their discrimination and systematic abuse of me and my people.

They aren't like the communist thugs in the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia who tell you to your face that you'll never get a job there.

Over here they do it in a way to make it difficult to prove your case.

They find the tiniest, most minuscule reason to deny you a job or services or provoke a frustrated reaction out of you then use your reaction as evidence why they denied you your civil rights in the first place. They are ****ing sickos.

My father tried recently to apply for a job as an interpreter (he has a master's degree in English) and he was told his application was not processed when he submitted it because he was wearing sandles (it was in the middle of the hot summer.)

The second time he wore regular shoes but was rejected because he wasn't wearing a tie.

I've faced the same instances of bullshit like this hundreds of times.

How do I prove I'm being oppressed? These fascist sacks of shit make an art of turning victims into culprits.

The positive side I see to receiving refugee status is perhaps having my integration subsidized, being covered for a few months while I take courses to learn the language, which won't be hard to learn since my mother tongue is very similar to Russian.

A lot has happened in recent months and I made a new friend with a Russian guy at my last job who came from St. Petersburg and he has been a great source of information.

He says if I won't need a visa to stay in Russia I'll need to apply for a work visa to make any money. He says apartments outside the city are cheap and the city is easily accessible via convenient transportation.
I have no idea what I'd do for work though. All the jobs I've worked here require proficient grasp of language and reading skills to do all the inventory and I wouldn't be able to do this sufficiently in Russian especially if I'm reading and writing in the unfamiliar cyrillic alphabet.

Would a willingness to work a midnight shift make me competitive in Russia? I've worked many of those here.

Also, is joining the army a realistic goal (after learning the language of course)?

Thanks everyone for their contributions in the last thread.