View Full Version : A success story so far, and faith in Russian Court

13-12-2013, 18:26
There can be disputes, and conflicts any foreign citizen have not the courage to take in to the Russian Court system.
I will not go in to details, but i will absolutely tell you all that Russian family court is not what it used to be.
To put it short, i as foreigner, living in Russia, has by pre-hearings, and judge hearing one week later as the other part did not comply with any verdict by court, was giving daily care for my daughter.
All of you that have lived a while in Russia, and knows how it worked before... times are changing.
My experience with a family court in Russia, has been very positive, fair, and objective.
So to anyone else, that might face challenges. feel free to contact me, and have faith....Times has changed in Russia

13-12-2013, 18:32
So to anyone else, that might face challenges. feel free to contact me, and have faith....Times has changed in Russia[/QUOTE]

and it shows indeed that not everybody is corrupt, not everyone is swilling vodka all the time and not every driver is a schumacher.
times are changing indeed, though ever so slow. and in Europe or America it has not occured over night either, what they like to shove down our throats so easily.

14-12-2013, 07:57
I think there are general facts about divorce that don't change, though I don't doubt that divorce in our time has become easier.

What is best for the child ought to ALWAYS be more important than any preference a parent might have, and what seems good for one of the two parents is often at deviance with what the child wants and needs.

I don't know many children that want their parents divorced (and I work with kids, and the topic comes up with my teens). That's why divorce will always remain a tragedy even when we adults experience a sense of relief from the difficulties of marriage. Having survived over twenty years in a difficult American-Russian marriage, I know how nasty things can get, but I've also learned how the nastiness can be turned around and even how to get happiness out of the deal. (Not saying that it's easy.) I came back from the cliff of divorce by making my son (only had him at the time our marriage was falling apart) more important than me.

Since then we've had three more. :)

"The Story of Us" is a good Rob Reiner flick that illustrates how I now see our choices in marriage pretty well.