View Full Version : Spice up your posts with some Vb code :-)

30-12-2007, 22:53
want to add a little special something to your posts? there are a few interesting things you can do by using something called Vb code. This code is written for you when you click on any of the formatting buttons above such as the ones for BOLD text or linking to something (http://www.disney.com)

besides the default code which is built into the software, there are a few other things which have been added over time which not everyone is aware of

1. embedding YouTube videos in your posts
one real handy one is for posting YouTube videos directly into your post - to do this simply put square brackets and the letters "yt" before the video code, and then "/yt" in brackets after the code. example: videocode if this was a real code and you removed the asterisk from the first "yt" it would work

how to find a video code - first select a video on the YouTube site, and in the address bar you will get a URL like the following: http://youtube.*com/watch?v=ZMGlGOQJUyw the part just after "v=" is the code you need to put between the two tags - ZMGlGOQJUyw - once the asterisk is removed this is what you get --->


2. avatar text signs
these are little avatars holding up a sign graphic into which text can be placed

again we will use brackets, and to make it actually work remember to remove the asterisks

Cheese is good food! Cheese is good food!

Bring back the 30:1 exchange rate! Bring back the 30:1 exchange rate!

muhahahaha! muhahahaha!

Stop hijacking my posts! Stop hijacking my posts!

Fruits are people too Fruits are people too

mmm pie! mmm pie!

3. spoiler code

lets say we are discussing a movie and you want to say something about it that could spoil it for someone... just use spoiler code

the butler did it the butler did it