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16-02-2004, 13:11

What's a reasonable price for a one-way airplane ticket from Moscow to BKK? Does $775 sound about right?

Also, does anyone have any experience purchasing airline tickets from expedia for travel from Moscow to BKK? Better to wait until I'm in Moscow and buy them then or go to a travel agency here? How much in advance is it adviseable to purchase them if I'm slightly flexible about departure dates?



16-02-2004, 15:13

Penguin Snacks
16-02-2004, 15:27
I heard someone mention that Tadjikistan Airways do a ticket for $150. However they also mentioned that they are recognised by the FAA due to their maintenance record.

16-02-2004, 16:30
There are discounted seats to Bangkok on regular Aeroflot flights.
Travel agents block purchase them for discounted prices and sell them on. I flew 550US$ return.

Contact a travel agent for details