View Full Version : apartment available over winter break

molly picon
21-11-2013, 14:40
Hey! Does anyone know a good way to find a housesitter for the winter break, or whatever the holiday season in Moscow is called? I 'll be away for at least a few weeks and want to find someone who needs a place to stay, who is very clean and reliable, and who can take care of my cat (I was going to write fur baby in an ironic but kinda serious way). Any ideas?

21-11-2013, 18:58
Dear Madam/Sir,

I am Slim Dridi and I am both Italian and Tunisian.

Currently I am in Moscow and I am teaching Italian and English to University Students and employees on a Volunteer basis.

I arrived in Moscow 2 weeks ago and I am planning to stay till the 27th of January 2014.

I am an Italian qualified lawyer and I took a 3 month break to have a new experience.

For your information please find enclosed my cv

My Russian cell number is: 89683597614

Please do not hesitate to contact me shall you need any further information.

Yours sincerely,


21-11-2013, 21:01
Hi good evening, I'm Rena a Filipina, 29 years old, I'm currently here in Moscow work as a part time nanny, if you want I'm available to taking care of your house and even your cat, you can contact me at 89684877287 or send me a message, thank you.