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Norma Grace Torio
20-11-2013, 11:15
Hello everyone! Hope you are all well.
Just wondering if anyone here knew Nanny Recruitment Agency based in Moscow? I am in UAE yet and looking for agency who could possibly help me get a nanny job in Moscow. Any help/ Advice would be highly appreciated. Many Thanks!

20-11-2013, 13:58
If you are a native English speaker then there is a high end agency called Bonne International that specialises in recruiting for Moscow:-


They also have jobs for Italian, French, Mandarin etc speaking nannies.

Apart from that there is a list of agencies here on expat.ru but I have no experience of them:-


Norma Grace Torio
20-11-2013, 14:18
Thank you for the info. :-)

Anya Leigh
04-01-2014, 18:28
You can pm me to help you apply in a recruitment agency in Moscow.

11-01-2014, 23:02
You can PM me. I'm currently working as a nanny in Moscow so I know a lot of agencies. I can help you.

04-02-2014, 17:49
Hello everyone,anybody knows who needs a housekeeper or nanny.Im a Filipina in Moscow trying to find a job.Pls pm me thank you very much.