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01-11-2013, 19:51
Hey everyone, I just joined the site and wanted to to say hello. A little about me....spent the last 2 years volunteering and traveling abroad (from community development in Papua New Guinea, physiotherapy in Vietnam, to teaching English in Nepal, and more). Being back home is completely unsatisfactory right now and its time to hit the ole dusty trail again. As of now, Im heading to Wyoming to help rehabilitate animals that have been used in laboratory research then hopefully working in Utah as a Ranger Naturalist as I want to pursue a career in the environmental sector.

Back to Russia! I visited Moscow and lived in Khimki for a month and absolutely loved it. Having such a great time, I would love to work there for a year and really dive into the culture and people. I have no real preference for where I will reside as I plan to visit as much of the country as possible; especially Kamchatka!

Anyways, hope everyone is doing great and I look forward to road ahead with all of you.

Cheers :plane: