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14-10-2013, 17:28
Hello everyone,
Actually I wasn't able to find a thread on this forum where people could meet and stuff, except the 'Introductions' thread. But since I registered my profile some months ago I decided it wasn't the best place for my post, so I decided to start a new thread.
So, my name is Vadim and I am a final year student of the Moscow State Linguistic University, age 22. I'm studying culture and the Persian language. I like different kinds of music, different movies, animals and travelling. And I also like speaking English. But since I didn't have proper practice, my current level is rather low, although I'm trying to do my best to practice English. Thus, I decided to visit this forum with the hope to find some new friends here, meet with them and have some great time.
So, if you like to learn more about Moscow, learn Russian for free or just have a good time, feel free to contact me by PM, e-mail (dev91@mail.ru) or by phone: 8(917)522-83-53.
I am a very kind, interesting Russian guy with a good sense of humor. But I'm also a little bit shy, so you definitely shouldn't be afraid of me haha.

15-10-2013, 23:41
So many views and no replies. Can't believe no one's interested ):

Russian Lad
17-10-2013, 06:49
So many views and no replies. Can't believe no one's interested ):

I think you better try the students section here or similar, most foreigners here are over 40-45 y.o. I think, and the few younger ones have plenty of Russian colleagues and so forth.:) You may look too young to them to make friends/practice the language with, since it involves hanging out and socializing somewhere.
Hey, any British or American girls out there?:) You are missing out on a handsome Russian.:)

17-10-2013, 10:53
Okay, thanks. I'll try something else.

17-10-2013, 11:14
Hi, a good way to meet expats from this site is to go to an expat meet up,many expats and Russians will be there, all ages, like this one..