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13-10-2013, 17:35
Privet everybody, I was born in Hamburg, Germany, but I am Croatian citizen. 33 years old. I just moved to Moscow and I am looking forward to having a great time here. I would be pleased if somebody could tell me where I can buy in Moscow Croatians world famous :) wines. Furthermore it would be nice when there will be organized in near future a get-together for expats. Btw I like to run and my running track starts from Barrikadnaya metro station. Usually I run 7-15km. Pace 10-11 km/h. If somebody is looking for a running partner drop me a message. Cheers.

13-10-2013, 22:18
Hi, I'm not sure if your pace isn't a little bit too much form me at the moment - had a short break in my running routine. But give me some time, and I'll catch up. But what really interests me at the moment is, where you run near Barrikadnaya. I live nearby - there's some small football field next to Krasnopresnenskaya, anywhere else?
Btw if the wines are really world famous, let me know if you find them, got to try one ;)

14-10-2013, 20:12
Hi croatian guy Hamburg!
Greatly impressed by your running distance!

18-10-2013, 20:27
No idea about football fields. Just moved in. But if you're interested to run tomorrow let me know. My cell phone number is +7 921 729 5949

19-10-2013, 18:12

You may wish to send your cell phone number in private messages, or you'll get loads of spam messages like I do now :)

Good luck with the running!

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19-10-2013, 20:58
Hey, I'm a 29 year old Canadian, also looking for a runner partner, but I'm not exactly in your neighborhood. Send me a private message if you'd like.

20-10-2013, 13:27
Sorry, missed your message. I'm actually kind of between telephones right now - planning to buy a Russian one and using my old foreign one only in case of any family emergency back at home. But definately we should get together sometime. Not today though, had a small cold lately, and it got a bit worse after the last time i went running, I've got to pass this time. I'll send you a private message or once I finally buy a phone - I'll give you a call.