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Billie Bob
20-12-2007, 21:31
I basically freaked out when I saw this photo snapshot that my co-worker took this past fall. She only showed me this photo the other day.

The photo was taken using her NOKIA telephone, and she didn't think much about it. When you view it small, you get one picture, and if you enlarge it, you can actually see several faint objects. Can you find them? Do you see them?
(there are two "good" visable objects, but if you start searching, there are more distracted images)

She only got to see them, once she downloaded all the photos from the phone to the pc.

This photo was taken right in the outskirts of Moscow...

(if by chance you don't see anything, download it, save it, and enlarge it..)

20-12-2007, 22:48
Me, me , me - can I be the first one to answer :goblin:

I see one little figure/skeleton/ghost on the right hand a bit on the background.
And then on the left upper side i see a face of a ghost

Do I get my greenies|?! :lovepot:

20-12-2007, 22:49
By the way, your friend got you! big time :-) :jester:

21-12-2007, 05:54
Yes I can see them and it's a cool shot!

Should do something with it.

23-12-2007, 03:19
Definitely fake 'ghost' photo. It's been Photoshopped: note different sized, irregular pixels within the 'apparitions'... :watching: W-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o....

27-12-2007, 14:07
Well done.