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04-10-2013, 21:49
My name is Natalia. I'm a certified Russian language teacher. I use only best and newest Russian text-books and materials. I pay attention not only to conversational practice and relevant vocabulary expansion, but also to proper usage of grammar structures in the language. All my students tell me that I'm good at motivating them to develop and perfect their language skills. The geography of my students is: England, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Syria, Turkey, etc. At my lessons I prefer to use (within reasonable limits, of course) the English language to facilitate my students' acquaintance with the Russian grammar or to give some important comments when defining words.
I like:
- to create some funny phonetic associations between new Russian and English words;
- to explain the etymology of words;
- to use cards and different supplementary materials;
- to see that my students are enjoying the process of studying the Russian language;
- to see and feel that I am enjoying teaching Russian.
If you are interested in learning Russian, please, contact me.