View Full Version : Sochi bouncers at Oblaka broke my face.

26-09-2013, 21:13
Hey all, I am writing this from hospital #4 in Sochi center. I am being released tomorrow and have some time to kill so I thought why not go on a little rant. I have been living here for a little over 3 years now ever since the olympics has been annouced. I am not an avid "clubber" so client / bouncer relations are a little foreign to me, especially in Russia. I am not an aggressive guy. I am rather tall and slender but am in no way intimidating and don't pretend to be. I would like to say that I am a lover and not a fighter but im really much or a lover either.

After about 3 weeks of working late and hitting the hay early I finally decide to go out. First I went to Barlondon, a very nice and sofisticated bar/restaurant where I have made some good friends both local and foreign. This is my favorite place in Sochi and I highly recommend it. Its free to get in but the drinks are a bit pricey. The music and sound system is amazing and they are open 24/7. It doesn't have a big dance floor and I am shy about being seen dancing so that is why i then went to Oblaka. This is the hottest club in Sochi, it costs 1000 rubles to get in on a regular night. Just a few of weeks ago Putin was here watching some boxing fight or something.

So I made friends with a couple of Canadian guys and we hit it off. Drinking and having fun. On our way out the bouncers stop us and say that we broke some table and that we need to pay 20,000 rubles to fix it. A "friend" of mine works there so i go to tell her about the situation. We did not break any tables and were being played. She helped us out and told them that we didn't break anything. When I got back to the exit I bumped into one of them by mistake. He got in my face and I pushed him. Next thing I know I am on the ground being beaten by what fealt like all of the bouncers. A barrage of punches and kicks mostly to my head. Next thing I know I am being put in a cab by the Canadian guys and off to the hospital.

I suppose it could of been worse. I ended up with a broken nose and a swollen shut eye contusion. The police said that there is no video as it has most likely been deleted by the bouncers themselves. My Canadian witnesses are probably too scared to testify as they are not replying to my calls or texts. My "friend" at the club didn't call me once to see how I was, so she probably does not want to get involved as it is probably against her interests.

I guess the only thing I can do now is atleast try to warn people about this place. In general going out alone is not a good idea. Go out with a lot of people and with good friends you can trust. Never assume that security in Russia is there to keep you safe. They hit first and never ask questions.

first pic is day 2, second pic is day 6.

27-09-2013, 00:28
He got in my face and I pushed him.

While not in any way condoning what this guy did to you, it is an unfortunate fact that if you try to get physical with security guys just about anywhere in the world then they will often react aggressively and mob handed.

Generally, it really is not worth getting physical with these sort of people and what you perceived as a ''push'' may have seemed rather more than that to the other person.