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25-09-2013, 16:48

It will be my first time in Russia when I arrive next month - having spent the last 7 years in Egypt, Morocco and Spain where I was teaching IELTS, business English and general English -- I am expecting quite different culture in Moscow!

I will be in Moscow for a year and the first priority is finding accommodation. I am looking at between 15,000 and 20,000 rubles per month - is this possible? I am really hoping to live in a place where I can practise learning Russian - at the moment I am just learning the alphabet!


25-09-2013, 22:11
Hi Daniel, welcome to Moscow, and to expat.ru! You will only be able to find accommodation for that price if you rent a room in a shared flat. Your own one-room apartment will cost from 35,000 roubles (if you choose someone near the end of one of the metro lines; apartments in the centre of Moscow cost much more).

25-09-2013, 23:27
Hi Daniel,
WElcome to Moscow!
I'm starting now my 14th season!

I've been running a little bed and breakfast downtown since 2006.
Send a PM for more info would you be interested.

Bonne chance!

17-10-2013, 20:01
How much is bed and breakfast for one night?

Thanks, Daniel

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