View Full Version : Improved Ignore Function

06-02-2004, 15:33
Is there any way to improve the Ignore function so that:

1) an Ignore - amus is truly invisible, rather than being accessible by clicking?

2) there is an option to ignore threads as well as posters?

Teutonic Deity
19-02-2004, 01:49
Yes, we now have a super-duper, platinum and gold, diamond encrusted ignore feature. It will absolutely remove any and all objectionable content from your view, and is quite easy to implement. Simply hold down the "alt" key and press "F4" at the same time :-)

19-02-2004, 08:46
Oldest joke in the book.

Teutonic Deity
20-02-2004, 20:46
You'd be suprised by how many people still go for it though - newbies are born every minute. Try this in any crowded chat room and you will see people dissapear.

20-02-2004, 20:49
:) - yes, I know - during the crisis I was a mod in a couple of chat rooms, and rather than throwing ppl out and having them come back in again, I used that trick on the racists, the 12 year old boys trolling for cybersex, and other assorted pond scum. Worked almost every time!