View Full Version : Attention grocery shoppers!

27-08-2013, 11:40
Are you an expatriate living in a Russian city, or a Russian who has lived abroad for some time and recently returned to Russia? Do you buy groceries? If you do, I could use your help.

I'm a sociology researcher here in Moscow, and I'm doing a project on how expatriates and newly returned Russians in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities do their everyday shopping. I'm interested in local and 'foreign' foods, shopping practices and prices, packaging problems, food safety, trying to find products that are common at home, but not so widely available here, and other commone problems. Participation involves me tagging along when you go to your usual grocery store or market, and an interview of about sixty minutes. All interviews are anonymous and confidential. Get in touch either on this thread, or send me a pm.

The project isn't market research, I'm not affiliated with any advertising agency, and I can only wish there were actual research funding!