View Full Version : Help needed in: Rock climbing; bicycle; swimming

22-08-2013, 22:39
Hey there forum helpers!

This is my first thread in this forum, as I will be studying during next fall semester in Moscow.

I started doing rock climbing last January and now since I am coming to a big city like Moscow, full of climbing gyms, I would like to know which one should be the best option for having an instructor or to climb with more experience climbers so that I can improve my skills. I have climbed on the rock for 6 or 7 times, and on the gym for some 10 sessions with a rock climber expert.
I searched for some gyms online already, and they are imenselly expensive. 5000 rubles a month expensive.
I now how to make safety and I have the required material, but I really would like to have some lessons to train my skill, but with this prices, I would prefer to go climb with some group who wouldn't mind having a portuguese newbie climber tagging along. Rock climbing rocks! :)

I was considering having a bicycle to move around Moscow. Do you folks think it's a good idea during the months of September, October, November and December, to be riding a bicycle? I come from a country with minimum +5 degrees in the winter, so I have no idea how is life with that cold...
Also, is the city very steep or is the ground good for bicycle riding?

What are the prices and good pools for the fall semester swimming? Good to stay in shape since I won't be able to run...

Thank you for your help ;)