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04-02-2004, 22:14
Dear folks,

I am a twenty year old boy from Germany, a conscious objector who is doing civil-service in Moscow. I have done a lot of youth-work and worked as a counselor on many camps for children and teenagers. Furthermore I have been awarded with a scholarship in music and I like to play table tennis I also have a valid D-Trainer-licence. Unfortunately I have got a lot of free time and would be delighted by doing something meaningful and useful with it.
If you have any offer for voluntary work, youth-work, lessons or whatever or you know where I might find English speaking (sport)clubs, feel free to answer on this posting or send a mail to Florian.Knauer@gmx.de
By the Germany law a conscious on duty is not permitted to take on a paid job. Due to this I will work for free or a small allowance.
I can provide certificates as well as a curriculum vitae and photos.