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04-08-2013, 13:32
Hello all,

I have recently moved back to Moscow with my family after a few years away and am looking for a few bits of furniture for our flat, namely:

- a comfortable small sofa or a nice armchair
- a child's bed and proper bedding for it
- a screen or partition
- a standard lamp
- a bookcase and/or some small wall-mounted shelves

As we don't have a car, delivery is probably the best option. Which furniture shops deliver? IKEA is the only one I know off but can't shake my Anglo-Saxon hatred of the place. I'm not ruling it out, though.

We are near Metro Schukinskaya if people have any specific suggestions about shops.

I'd prefer the stuff to last a year or two, but I'd prefer not to spend too much if possible.


04-08-2013, 15:42
I'd prefer the stuff to last a year or two, but I'd prefer not to spend too much if possible.


bus or Metro to TUSHINO and at the bottom there is the huge open air market. and right in the middle at the bottom there is furniture....

Sindika O at Aushan/Leroi Merlain is unfortunately closed for re construction, they had good stuff there as well.
Nevertheless, go to AUSHAN and have a look at the furniture section, bus 638 to Mjakino, end of the line.

Tvoi Dom,Krokus City has good stuff but unfortunately with a price tag.
and last but not least, www.avito.ru. we used it in the past very successfully, both to buy and sell. delivered and go and fetch our selves.
word of advice if i may: often photoes are not from the real items but fro ma catalogue. so make sure you get with the bed all the mattresses, pillows,bedding or whatever is being shown or advertised. if it is not quite clear from pictures waht you will get, go there and have a look first, or ask to be sent real photoes what the item does look like. in general Avito is a very good site, but better save than sorry.

04-08-2013, 17:50
Benedikt, thank you very much indeed for your very helpful reply.