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03-02-2004, 21:41
Jerry who runs The Coffee bean cafe chain and Simple Pleasures called me and asked if any of you guys on the site will be interested in the following:

An expat family meeting, very informal, he will lay on the coffee and there is a seperate room with a clown and stuff for the kids to stay amused.

The reason is simple, there is a great need for families to meet up and chat about stuff like Nannies, cleaners, play groups, baby sitters, shopping and the like...


Ladies, company of people in the same position as you
Kids, play with other kids and a clown, away from mum and dad in a safe environment

Dads, well apart from a beer or two, other Dads in the same boat.

COST::: hmm,

Free, this is a genuine offer from Jerry and his family, he feels the needs for his own family, so, if you can let me know by PM that would be great, an idea of numbers would be appreciated, I have a baby on the way so I will probably go over.

This is a shameless plug from the expat site, why? Because this is exactly what this site is for.

Starts at 12 noon on Sunday 8th Feb

Simple Pleasures - Restaurant
Address: Sretenka st., 22/1
Metro: Sukharevskaya
Tel: 207-1521

04-02-2004, 09:26
Sorry for bumping this but hey, it is a great thing for families.

There has been a lot of interest already, it should be good, at the very least for the kids.

Maine Surfer
08-02-2004, 19:17
Just came back.

Thank you Jerry and Julia for a great time! Was nice to meet everybody :) Our daughter had a blast!

08-02-2004, 20:21
Let me know how it went, I couldn't make it, hope it was worth it for you all :)


08-02-2004, 22:41
Our son enjoyed it so much that, when we were leaving, he said "this is a good place, we should come back again another day, I liked it". We enjoyed meeting new people with youngsters, and the food was excellent!

Thank you Jerry, Julia and Len for organising it. Also, thank you to Irene for keeping the children entertained. We'll definitely be at the next one!


10-02-2004, 20:03
i didnt see the announcement until today, so i missed the get-together, but i would have loved to attend and bring my kids. It sounds like exactly what i could use! Maybe next time - I'll keep watching this forum for announcement s of other get togethers!!


09-03-2004, 13:30
when next time??? would like to bring my kid also...

10-03-2004, 11:59
Please let us know if there is another get together. Newly arrived family from London living in Patriachy Pond. 2 yr old boy and 2 mo old girl. Will watch this thread for more announcements.

21-03-2004, 15:17
love to join the get-together. pls inform if you will meet again.

23-03-2004, 20:17
I've heard that Simple Pleasures is hosting another family brunch this Sunday (28th March) from 11:00 - is this true?

Please let us know - thanks! :D