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11-12-2007, 15:41
I am a US citizen, and my old 1-yr visa expires on the 26th. My wife is pregnant and I don't want to leave her for more than the absolute minimum time. Unfortunately, because of the holidays coming up, even if I go to the US and get an express visa (just 3 months now, of course) it will end up being about a 10-day process. So I am thinking about trying to go a Russian embassy somewhere nearby and throw myself on the mercy of the consul, hoping that they will pity my wife and let me get the visa more quickly. Has anyone had any experience with consulates being sympathetic to exceptional circumstances and bending the 10-day rule?
Thanks for your help! - Tom

11-12-2007, 16:34
The Russian embassy in London has same-day service. Drop off application and required documents in the morning by 11:30, pick it up at 16:00 the same day. Costs 95 pounds for this service. You MUST use the application on their website Консульский отдел Посольства России в Лондоне (http://www.rusemblon.org). (They won't accept any handwritten applications and are very strict on the documentation - ensure you have everything on the list!)

Hope this helps?


11-12-2007, 17:11
I've just been advised by our HR Dept (leading international company) that US citizens can obtain a visa in Kiev in three days. I used to get them in Kiev next day.

20-12-2007, 19:31

Something I think you should remember is that at this point Americans are LUCKY to even be ALLOWED to wait ten days by waiting in, say, Kiev, and not just being told to F off and go home or to a country in which one has the right to live greater than 90 days to apply, as the new law states.

Me, I got to Kiev EARLY A.M. on Mon the 17th, was first in line for visas (thanks to my great knowledge of the 'kto poslednyi?' BS the gov't used under the USSR and continues to use now to control the feeble narod-Jesus, hasn't anyone here heard of taking a number? It's NOT that expensive to set up!! But I digress...).

So, I got to the Kiev embassy, but was made to wait with another American while about five others were allowed ahead (not sure if this was to make us sweat, or just a coincidence...) I turned in the docs, and was told I'd have to wait til the 26th (which is only EIGHT business days!), so I guess chances of getting less than ten DO exist!

BTW, for those expats looking to connect while in Kiev on a visa run, there's this nice restaurant near M. plosha Nezhalezhnosti called Le Borsch that has free wifi, and 9 xrivny Chernigovskoe beer on tap! Their network is password protected, but if you feel like phishing it's really simple- 1234567890.

their address is 22 Mixailovskaya.

Well, good luck all, and S Novym Godom!!!!